Our senior program is designed to make the activities of daily living easier by increasing strength and bone density, improving cardiovascular health and improving balance.  Also, new friendships are made every day in the senior classes; they provide eachother fun and emotional support while getting and staying fit.  Senior class participants range in age from about 50 to over 90 years old!  You can modify up or down to match your fitness level.

while all classes are open to all members, We offer classes geared toward seniors five days a week! 

mondays:  tai chi  -- because tai chi movements are slow and deliberate with shifts from one foot to the other and movements are combined with upper body moves, tai chi is known for improving balance and reducing the frequency of falls.

tuesdays:  lightweights -- our lightest class that combines weight training, light cardio and strength training with balance and strength exercises.

wednesdays:  young at heart -- traditional aerobic moves, strength and abdominal training set to upbeat, fun music.

thursdays:  on thursdays we alternate a stretch class and a group training class on the weight machines.

Fridays:  young at heart again!